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Vijay Maheshwari, who played one of Vijay Sethupathi’s three wives in Kamal Haasan starrer ‘Vikram’, has come as a shocker, citing how she was abused at home by her husband as the reason for the divorce.

It is worth noting that VJ Maheshwari was an anchor on many televisions in the 90s and she acted in a few serials. In this situation, VJ Maheshwari, who stayed away from the media for some time after marriage, has recently told in an interview about the atrocities she experienced at her husband’s house after marriage.

She said that her husband and the people in her house enslaved her and imposed conditions not to associate with male friends and not to act in serials, so she was only a host.

She said that if she acted in serials, they bullied her saying that her family honor would be lost and not only that, she also stopped her from doing the little favors she did to her mother. He questioned that my mother decided to do domestic work because she was not getting help and how can I send my mother to do domestic work after raising her so hard.

He said that he took the decision of divorce to get rid of all the problems and now he is at peace after the divorce.

He said that after ‘Vikram’, there is an opportunity to act in a few films and also there is an opportunity to act in serials. It is noteworthy that VJ Maheshwari has a son named Keshav.


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