WhatsApp offers amazing opportunities for sticker armies

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WhatsApp offers amazing opportunities for sticker armies

New Delhi: It can be said that there are no people in the WhatsApp processor who do not use stickers. That’s why so many people are sticker armies.

In that sense, the meta company of the WhatsApp processor is going to offer the Sticker Arms the most exciting opportunity when using WhatsApp on the web or PC.

In that sense, many people who use WhatsApp on the web or PC are introducing new technology to create their own stickers.

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To do this, go to WhatsApp Chat, click on Attach, select Sticker, upload the desired photo and create your own sticker.

You can resize the photo, change the page format and add emojis or words.

For this, you need to upload a new WhatsApp processor for the web or computer.


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