Will Quentin Tarantino respond? The impostor referred to the death of Zvika Pick

Quentin Tarantino (photo shutterstock/ Andrea Raffin)

Last night a fake account impersonating the famous director tweeted a tweet in response to the death of Zvika Peak who passed away earlier this week.
The tweet that received thousands of likes and dozens of comments managed to confuse many surfers on the Twitter app, who thought it was Quintin Tarantino himself.

According to the tweet, it is a troll who tried to anger Pick’s fan base and try to touch sensitive points, shortly after the death of the great Israeli singer.

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Translation of Tarantino’s impersonator’s tweet:
Thank you for your condolences on the passing of my beloved father-in-law. Some asked if I was sad. Well, it’s been 8 years since I’ve been sitting in a place called Zurik, walking on Pincast Street, the ugliest street in the world and the only word I know is Katot. Sad is my fucking life.

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