Yeliz Koc’s daughter’s birthday: Everyone sent hearts – except dad Jimi Blue | Entertainment

Yeliz Koc’s daughter’s birthday: Everyone sent hearts – except dad Jimi Blue |  Entertainment

2023-10-03 16:21:17

Little Snow’s big day – but where is dad?

On Monday, reality star Yeliz Koc (29) celebrated her daughter Snow (2)’s birthday and diligently posted impressions on Instagram.

Exciting: Snow’s grandma Natascha Ochsenknecht (59) and aunt Cheyenne (23) lovingly congratulated her with hearts, which also made Yeliz happy. But many fans noticed: Among all the public messages to Snow, congratulations from dad were missing!

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31) did not congratulate his only daughter on social media, instead preferring to post a car in his story.

A photo from happy times: Things are no longer so harmonious for Jimi and Yeliz

Photo: jimbonader/Instagram

Whether the actor wrote to Snow or his ex privately or picked up the phone? Uncertain. But rather unlikely, after all, Yeliz keeps reporting that her ex has no contact with his daughter.

It wasn’t until August that the TV lady revealed to her followers that Snow didn’t even know her dad and therefore wouldn’t ask about him. The actor had previously had a snowflake tattoo on his hand, which he once had done in honor of his daughter.

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Instead, the little one seems to have developed a close relationship with her grandmother Natascha Ochsenknecht and Aunt Cheyenne, who dedicated loving words to her. Cheyenne wrote to her niece: “Happy Birthday, Snowy! I look forward to cuddling you again soon.”

The little one also seems to get along great with Cheyenne’s daughter Mavie (2): “And Mavie is looking forward to eating and playing with you again soon. Cousins ​​4 life.”

Cheyenne’s daughter and Snow are almost the same age, making them perfect play partners

Photo: CheyenneSavannah/Instagram

Natascha congratulated Snow with a cool grandma-granddaughter snapshot in her Instagram story. Yeliz has already revealed in the past that her relationship with Natascha is now relaxed and that she even comes to visit Snow frequently.

After there was a falling out between Yeliz and Natascha at the beginning, the two have now spoken out and Natascha is taking on her role as a grandma

Photo: nataschaochsenknecht/Instagram

By the way, mom Yeliz Koc dedicated a sweet one to her daughter Instagram post with a series of memories: “My little princess, I love you! Thank you for being such a wonderful girl. I couldn’t consider myself happier. Two years full of love and happiness.”

And she makes it clear: “Mommy will always be there for you!”

Ex-Bachelor candidate Yeliz and her great happiness: She really thrives in the role of mom

Photo: _yelizkoc_/Instagram

Snowman Olaf gets to test drive: Among other things, Snow got a pink car for his birthday

Photo: CheyenneSavannah/Instagram

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