‘Your face sounds familiar to me’ shows the wilder side of Anne Igartiburu

‘Your face sounds familiar to me’ shows the wilder side of Anne Igartiburu

‘Your face sounds to me’, the program in which well-known faces imitate different singers, has returned this Friday with a new edition on Antena 3 and has shown the lesser-known side of Anne Igartiburu. In a record in which we had not seen the presenter, casual, bringing out the wildest side of her, in the skin of the singer Thalía. “This girl, who is always so modest, has brought out an Anne here that I had never seen before,” said Àngel Llàcer after the popular presenter’s performance.

In the role of a contestant, Igartiburu was in charge of opening this first program of ‘Your face sounds to me’ with the theme ‘Who cares’. A whole declaration of intent that has allowed her to move away from her more restrained and soft profile on TVE, where she has been working for more than two decades.

Anne Igartiburu showed a lot of desire and enthusiasm to get on the stage of ‘Your face sounds familiar’, although she confessed to being “super nervous” before beginning her performance. “It’s that Thalía has nothing to do with me, but hey, it’s a challenge,” the Basque presenter explained to Manel Fuentes. The performance was not without some criticism from the jury. “I’ve seen you cut a little, but then you got loose,” Lolita told him. «How did she cut? If she has unzipped this far », Llàcer replied, with his usual tone, who also exclaimed that « I would never have imagined that Anne Igartiburu would be in ‘Your face sounds to me’! »

«What you have done is very difficult, because it is a very fast and very hard song. At first it caught you off guard. Then you have hooked it and you have raised it upstairs. This has only started and now you have to go up, “said Carlos Latre for his part.

Triumph in ‘Your face sounds familiar’ by Andrea Guasch

The contestant who triumphed in the first program of this new edition of ‘Tu cara me suena’ was Andrea Guasch. The actress did a more than remarkable imitation of Chanel, with the song ‘SloMo’ with which she participated in Eurovision, especially in the choreographic aspect.

The lights on the set turned that into the ‘Eurovision’ appointment and the contestant, far from disappointing, left the staff open-mouthed. Literally. To round out the loop, she had the original dance troupe. “How marvelous!” Fuentes praised enthusiastically. The jury was not far behind. “If throughout the ten editions we had put an ‘applause meter’, today’s performance surpasses everything,” offered the presenter before giving way to the experts. “This is one of the great imitations of the story of ‘Your face sounds to me,'” guaranteed Carlos Latre, while Chenoa applauded and begged to see her again.

Anne Igartiburu, for her part, was in sixth position with 13 points.


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