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A dozen people were registered in the register of suspects by the Syracuse prosecutor’s office for the death of Stefano Patern, 43, a non-commissioned officer in the Navy in Augusta, married and father of two teenage children.

Patern died in the night between Tuesday and Wednesday for a cardiac arrest in his home in Misterbianco, in the province of Catania.

The day before, the soldier of Palermo origin had undergone the first dose of anti-Covid vaccine in Augusta (Syracuse).

The serum was part of the same AstraZeneca batch of which the Aifa today requested the seizure. Patern, who was in good health, first had a fever, then convulsions. died in the night, his body was taken to the morgue of the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania and disposed of the autopsy.

The chief prosecutor of Syracuse Sabrina Gambino has entered the entire vaccine distribution chain in the register of suspects up to the medical staff of the military hospital who dealt with the inoculation. The hypothesis of crime for all of manslaughter.

There is maximum caution on the matter: a possible correlation between vaccination and death – which at the moment does not emerge – is only a hypothesis which may be denied or confirmed by the expert reports.

The batch to which the dose administered to Patern belonged was marketed both in Italy and in Europe. We are investigating and unfortunately not easy given the numerous parties involved – said the prosecutor Gambino -. We must not create alarmism but our choices are dictated by the protection of public health.

Prudently, the Medicines Agency has ordered the withdrawal of the lot: Following the reporting of some serious adverse events, in temporal concomitance with the administration of doses belonging to lot ABV2856 of the AstraZeneca anti COVID-19 vaccine, Aifa has decided as a precaution to issue a ban on the use of this batch throughout the national territory and reserves the right to take further measures, where necessary, also in close coordination with the EMA, the agency of the European drug.

At present, no causal relationship has been established between the administration of the vaccine and these events. – continues the note – Aifa is carrying out all the necessary checks, acquiring clinical documentation in close collaboration with the Nas and the competent authorities. The batch samples will be analyzed by the Istituto Superiore di Sanit and Aifa will promptly communicate any new information that becomes available.

In recent days too a 50-year-old policeman on duty in Catania he had felt ill after receiving the vaccine. His condition worsened in the following days until he died, which took about a dozen days after the injection. The lot would coincide with the one withdrawn by the Agency. The Catania prosecutor is investigating this death following press reports.

Also in this case, the correlation between death and vaccine inoculation is not established.

Meanwhile, the autopsy ordered by the Trapani prosecutor’s office on the body of a carabinieri marshal, who died 20 days ago, after the administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine, has excluded link between vaccine and cardiac arrest.

Just yesterday, Aifa released official data on the side effects of anti-Covid vaccines. Overall as of February 26, 2021 in the National Pharmacosurveillance Network have been evaluated 30,015 reports out of a total of 4,118,277 doses administered for all vaccines, with a reporting rate of 729 per 100,000 doses. A higher rate than that usually observed for other vaccinations, for example the flu one, but consistent with the results of clinical studies and indicative of the special attention paid to this vaccination.

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