19 year old killed by ex-boyfriend. The police had fined her for “procuring alarm”

A 19-year-old British woman was killed by her own ex boyfriend 27 years old after the latter had obsessively harassed her for months. The young woman, about a month before being killed, had suffered a real mockery: after having repeatedly reported her ex for stalking, the police had fined her for caused alarm“The victim was named Shana Grice, while Michael Lane was indicted for the murder. The girl was killed in her own home in Brighton, southern England.

The facts date back to 2016, but only now, thanks to local broadcasters, the disturbing details of the story emerge. To denounce the absurd circumstances that led to the death of the young woman was, in detail, a recent one documentary aired on the British channel Sky Crime within the framework of a series called Murder in Slow Motion. The relationship between Grice and Lane began after she had left her previous boyfriend, only to re-establish relations with the latter once she realized that the 27-year-old was “too possessive“Ending the relationship with Lane, however, would have cost the girl a long series of harassment and a real nightmare, which lasted six months: continuous phone calls, threats, stalking.

In those six months, Grice, the documentary recently revealed, allegedly denounced her stalker to police 5 times, showing that she was the victim of a real persecution by Lane. However, not only would the police never take the complaints seriously, but on one of the occasions they even imposed a fine of 150 euros on the young woman for providing a false alarm, having alerted the police when there was no need. , considering that “no crime was in progress“.

Less than a month after that mocking fine, the 19-year-old Lane found herself in her own home. The ex-boyfriend had indeed managed to steal the keys of the girl’s apartment and to sneak into the house. The man thus killed the unfortunate with a stab in the throat, and then set the body on fire. For that murder, the 27-year-old was sentenced to life in prison in 2017, but, according to the complaint behind the documentary, this tragedy could have been avoided if, above all, the police had immediately given credit to the complaints of the Grice.


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