‘4-hour delivery’ service expands to 50 cities: Amazon update | amazon expands 4 hour delivery to 50 cities e commerce

Bengaluru: Amazon’s 4-hour delivery service has expanded from 14 cities to 50 cities. Amazon is offering this service only to Prime subscribers. Let’s look at it in detail.

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce companies in India. By 2025, the e-commerce market in India is estimated to be close to USD 5.5 billion. This is 15 times more than the current number. E-commerce companies in India are focusing on providing high-speed delivery to customers. Amazon is also making that effort.

Amazon has been providing this service to Prime subscribers in India since 2017. However, this service was available only in certain cities. In this case, this service, which was in 14 cities, has now been expanded to 50 cities. Amazon has announced this.

Only select categories of products like wireless, consumer electronics, books, toys etc. are delivered within these 4 hours. According to Amazon, it will also be a great job opportunity for delivery representatives.

At the same time, Amazon said that 97 percent of the postcodes available for their service are delivered within 2 days. Now the company is offering products to its customers in an offer called ‘The Great Indian Sale’.


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