“At least 80% of Italians have a strong desire to protect themselves” from Covid-19 “because they have understood that this is an insidious disease that can cause many deaths. Of the remaining 20% there is no more than 4% of irreducible no vaxes, with an estimated number of around 800 thousand people. The rest are hesitant, fearful people who have been misled by a series of fake news. These people have to be convinced, either with information, or they have to be pushed through the Green pass. “He says this Walter Ricciardi, scientific advisor to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, spoke on the program ‘Restart 264’ on Cusano Italia TV.

As for the vast majority of Italians who have chosen to be vaccinated, Ricciardi observes how “surprisingly, but not so much for me, especially young people who want to regain their freedom are getting vaccinated without any reticence”.

“With viruses, you can never say never. When an even more contagious variant of the Delta emerges, it would be inevitable to take measures. But at the moment, with this variant and with the current measures we have taken, I feel I can rule out a new generalized lockdown. This does not mean that in certain circumstances, with certain outbreaks, local measures, not generalized ones, can be taken “, added Ricciardi.

On schools, he continues, “the Government has made an exceptional effort, but it could certainly have been done better by moving a little earlier, for example by better equipping the classrooms with carbon dioxide detectors that are used to monitor the ‘dangerousness’ of the air. But basically the return went well, the inconveniences were few. We know that even in countries that have used so many precautions, cases have increased and this will also happen in Italy, because in schools there are so many children under the age of 12 who do not they can be vaccinated. What we must continue to do is not to allow any unvaccinated adult to enter schools, RSAs and hospitals “, he concludes.

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