After being arrested in Israel: Chaim Etgar with new details about the Israel Or case

After being arrested in Israel: Chaim Etgar with new details about the Israel Or case

The diamond man Israel Or, 46 years old from Ramat Gan, was arrested today (Monday) by detectives from the Dan region of the police after he landed in Israel on suspicion of raping a number of women who complained against him during the past year. His detention was extended this evening (Monday) by another seven days.

After landing in Israel: the diamond man Israel Or was arrested on suspicion of rape

Presenter Haim Etgar (“Exposure”, “Keshet 12”), who brought testimonies of several women who allegedly suffered violence by light, commented on the case this evening on the program of Ben Caspit and Prof. Aryeh Eldad on 103FM.

Israel Or (photo: Avshalom Sassooni)

At the beginning of the interview Etgar said: “The story is like this, we broadcast an investigation into his case about six months ago, during which women make serious claims against Or about alleged sexual abuse, serious things. After the investigation, more women approach the police, a total of nine women apply to file a complaint. Some of the complaints About sexual assault, things are not simple. Close to the broadcast of the investigation, Israel leaves the country, and since six months he has not been in Israel. When the investigation is already becoming visible, we even broadcast two complaints from women who decided that they wanted to reveal the fact that they filed complaints and the attempts by his associates to stop or try to minimize the damage of the investigation, one of them is Tehila Levy, a very brave woman.”

Etgar later referred to the difference between Israel Or and the model’s agent Shai Avital, who was extradited to Israel from the Netherlands: “Avital is wanted for questioning and Or is not wanted for questioning, there was also some very strange saga concerning Or because we informed the police before and said ‘there is a story here, there are already two complaints being filed’ , we update the police and then maybe there is some confusion or lack of vigilance, we also broadcast that, a conversation I had with the chief investigator who may have been a little confused.”

Etgar was then asked why Or returned to Israel, to which he replied: “We will see during the legal proceedings, but there are all kinds of speculations that I don’t want to get into, but he returned and upon his return, it was reported that he was arrested, interrogated and his detention was extended for eight days. The suspicions are an obscene act , criminal offences, a large number of complainants, there is a reasonable suspicion of committing a significant number of criminal offences, common characteristics and also the use of mind-altering substances. He of course denies it, at least in the investigation he denied it. and money. We presented the fact that during the investigation, pressure was applied to some of the women we spoke with. There is a man with moves, power and money, this is a very complex confrontation for us and especially for the complainants.”

Assisted in editing the article: Shani Romano, 103FM


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