‘Ansik does not usually attend DJ parties; Who provided the driver? Mystery ‘

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Thiruvananthapuram: The family of former Miss Kerala Ansi Kabir, who died in a car accident, said that she was not used to attending DJ parties. He lived with his mother in Ernakulam. The accident happened when his mother returned home unwell. The family says they do not know if friends were forced to take them to the party.

Abdul Rahman, who was driving the car involved in the accident, was not previously known. This raises suspicion. You need to check who provided the driver. The main suspicion is about the change in the scenes at the hotel and the people who followed in the car. There is no need to change the look of the hotel if there are no problems.

Ansi had earlier said that she knew Saiju Thankachan who was following the car involved in the accident. The suspicion was heightened when it was learned that an acquaintance of the hotel owner was driving the car following the crashed car. Ansi was not called home on the day of the incident. The mother did not call because she was not feeling well.

The mystery of the incident must be changed. Or after deliberation the next steps will be decided. The family said they would consider lodging a complaint with the Chief Minister after learning of the progress of the ongoing probe.

Ansi Kabir (file photo)

The car, which went out of control on the National Highway near Palarivattom Chakkarapparam, collided with a tree in Median on the 1st of this month. Miss Kerala Ansi Kabir 2019, runner – up Anjana Shajan and KA Mohammad Aashiq from Vembalur, Thrissur died in the accident. Driver Abdul Rahman escaped with injuries. Examination revealed that Abdul Rahman was drunk.

English Summary: Ansi Kabeer does not usually attend DJ parties: Family


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