Apple wine and more at home in the Kleinmarkthalle

Apple wine and more at home in the Kleinmarkthalle

Wll the energy cost and procurement crisis lead to a reflection on regional sources? In gastronomy, for example, where the concept of regional is often very broadly defined?

Jacqueline Vogt

Department head of the Rhein-Main editorial team of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

For example, many associate home-style gastronomy and cider bars with regionality, but their products do not come from the immediate vicinity per se, and it is not a matter of course that you can eat well there. But it is possible, for example in the restaurant “Daheim im Lorsbacher Thal” in Alt-Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt; it has already been mentioned at this point. Frank Winkler and his wife Pia, who took over this restaurant in 2014 and later also the Affentorschänke, have now opened a branch in the Kleinmarkthalle, on the gallery.

Handkäse with music, Frankfurter schnitzel and green sauce

The “home in the small market hall” is more of a stall than a restaurant, a miniature cider tavern with green painted walls and wooden panels. It’s nice that in the market hall, this inner city place, where you can buy vegetables from Oberrad as well as Moroccan spice pastes, where you can eat Italian and Indian, there are now also typical local things that have more claim than the warm sausages on paper plates, for the tourists to stand in line at Ilse Schreiber’s at noon.

In the Lorsbacher Thal, where there are hundreds of apple wines on the drinks menu and where sources are listed on the menu, for the hand cheese and for the farmer’s bratwurst, the food is homemade and good, from the roulade to the fried potatoes. The green sauce is outstanding there, as are the juicy, fluffy beef meatballs fried in butter. In the Kleinmarkthalle, where the kitchen is naturally small, there is only a selection of the dishes from the parent company.

“The three pillars of Frankfurt home cooking are hand cheese with music, Frankfurter schnitzel and green sauce,” say the Winklers and offer all three in the market hall, among other things. The green sauce also tastes good in this environment, the meat is tender and juicy, the potatoes have flavor (dishes up to around 17 euros). The standard offer is supplemented by a changing one, and there are also preserves to keep and warm up at home. If you don’t want to or don’t have to stay sober at lunchtime, you can drink cider with it, perfect.

At home in the Kleinmarkthalle, Hasengasse 5-7 in Frankfurt. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


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