Arrested for trying to set fire to Kotakshi office

On Wednesday, the police arrested a man who tried to set fire to the Sivakasi Revenue Kotakshi office complex by pouring petrol on it.

Santhanam (43), son of Andi, passed away from S. Budhupatti near Sivakasi. Auto driver Eva S. is said to have obtained government permission to build a house on the outlying land at Puthupatti.

In this situation, Sivakasi went to the Revenue Commissioner’s office on Wednesday, demanding a road through the outlying land to go home. There he tried to commit suicide by pouring petrol on his body. The people nearby stopped him and handed him over to the police.

Sivakasi Nagar police registered a case and arrested Santhanam on the complaint filed by Anayur village administration officer Hariharan.


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