Beacon in honor of Queen Elizabeth II.

ZAt the end of the first day of her jubilee, Queen Elizabeth II symbolically lit up her kingdom from Windsor Castle. The 96-year-old monarch touched a small globe representing the Commonwealth of Nations, giving the signal for beacons to be lit across the UK and beyond.

The main jubilee bonfire at Windsor Castle was part of a chain of more than 3,500 flaming tributes to her 70-year reign. Over 3,000 towns, villages and communities in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and British Overseas Territories and all Commonwealth capitals will light beacons to mark the anniversary. Fires were to be lit on the highest peaks in all four parts of the country, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

At the same time, her grandson William was present at Buckingham Palace in London when the “Tree of Trees”, a tree of lights made up of many individual smaller trees, shone. In addition, the singer Gregory Porter performed with a London gospel choir and performed the song “A Life Lived with Grace”, which was specially written for the occasion.

On Thursday, at the start of the celebrations, she appeared in public several times. However, on Thursday evening she canceled her participation in the thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral on Friday due to health reasons.

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Jubilee celebration

The whole country shines for the Queen

A statement from Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen thoroughly enjoyed today’s birthday parade and air show, but felt uncomfortable at times. Given the travel involved and the effort required to attend the thanksgiving service at London’s Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Her Majesty decided, after some hesitation, not to attend. The Queen looks forward to seeing the bonfire at Windsor Castle tonight and thanks everyone who made today a special memory for her.”

The monarch appeared twice on Thursday on the balcony of her London city palace, Buckingham Palace. She was seen smiling and obviously in a good mood. However, the Queen has been suffering from mobility problems for months and has repeatedly canceled important events.


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