Bichu Thirumala | That song was for a brother who never left; Bichu Thirumala who put pain into words

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Bichu Thirumala was four years old at the time. Just starting to remember. Balagopalan, also known as Balu, was his brother. Balu was a speechless child. But Balu was communicating with his brother in sign language. When he got a piece of biscuit, he called his brother in sign language and ate it. That was the relationship between them.

One night Balu cried non-stop. Balu did not stop crying even though his mother took him and tried to sleep singing taratu. The crying soon ended. The next morning at the house in Adoor, the garden manager took the baby and laid him in a watering can on the porch.

The baby bitch only thought that someone was making a bed for the baby. After a while he was blindfolded, covered with red silk, and covered in a cut-out pit.

Why did you take your sister who had nothing and put her there? If you dig anything, will it not sprout? The bitch found the answer in the boy’s mind that he would grow up tomorrow or the other day, or a week later. But when Bichu Thirumala says that nothing like that has ever sprouted, the wing is grounded in words.

Years later, when I wrote the song ‘Olathumpathirunnooladum Chella Painkilee’ in the movie ‘Pappayude Swantham Appoos’, that childhood experience came to my mind. It was from that painful memory that the song ‘Ente Balagopalan Ennatheppikum Pootadi’ was included. From the day it was released till today, this song has become a favorite ballad of the Malayalees.

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Bichu Thirumala was hired to compose the songs for the first Malayalam 3D movie and all time hit ‘My Dear Kuttichathan’. The super hit song in the film ‘Peelikkuda Nivarthi’ was born from his pen. Ilayaraja composed the music for the song.

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But then and now the word hail has an inseparable connection with this song. According to Bichu Thirumala, there were many people in those days who wondered what kind of fruit hail is.

“No one knows the language of the child ghost, no one knows what hail is. Hail is not a fruit. It’s snow falling from the sky in the month of Capricorn.


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