Camilla Canepa suffered from an autoimmune blood disease and was taking hormone therapy –

The investigation by the Genoa Public Prosecutor’s Office into the death of 18-year-old Camilla Canepa, a few days after being vaccinated with Astra Zeneca during an open day, is acquiring data considered to be very relevant. It turned out that Camilla was suffering from one autoimmune thrombocytopenia, basically a shortage of platelets. The lack of platelets is an alarm index even if it occurs post vaccine, in fact in the protocol of the Ministry of Health the control of platelets indicated as the first assessment in case of vaccine-induced thrombocytopenia. The young woman was also taking hormone therapy.

The medical records

The question that investigators are now asking themselves whether Camilla’s pathology had been reported in the form that must be given to the vaccination staff: a very delicate step because a platelet disease should have advised against the use of Astra Zeneca. The Nas investigators also acquired Camilla’s medical records relating to the two emergency rooms in which she presented herself: the first on June 3 in the Lavagna hospital, the second on June 5 followed by immediate hospitalization at San Martino in Genoa. Especially for the first important to know if Camilla had declared the pathology and if the tests were done to ascertain the lack of platelets, an indispensable examination given its symptoms (headache and photophobia). Camilla was immediately discharged from the Lavagna emergency room with the recommendation to repeat the blood test after fifteen days, this suggests that the blood test was carried out and in this case the piastropenia should have emerged as a factor of alarm. There are many open questions. The health management of Lavagna together with the Chiavari ASL are also conducting an internal investigation.

The dead

Canepa died on 10 June at the San Martino hospital in Genoa, where she had been hospitalized since 5 June for a cerebral hemorrhage. On 25 May she had been vaccinated in Genoa, taking advantage of an open day, and had received the first dose of AstraZeneca. There Prosecutor of Genoa has already launched an investigation into his death. Among the documents that the military are acquiring in these hours, there are also the reports of the medical directors of San Martino Pelosi and Brunetti. On Tuesday the assignment will be given to the coroners Luca Tatjana and Franco Piovella.

Toti publishes the opinion of the Cts of 12 May

After Canepa’s death, the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti published the letter sent to the regions by the CTS on 12 May per authorize the use of AstraZeneca on “open days” aimed at young people. The CTS, the letter reads, does not detect any reasons that prevent initiatives from being organized by the different regional realities (…) aimed at offering, following voluntary adhesion / request, the adenoviral vector vaccines to all subjects of older age. at 18 years old. For all those who write, tell, comment on radio, TV, newspapers, political debates and who continue to say that the Regions on AstraZeneca’s open days went on their own and in no particular order, Toti writes in commenting on the document.


The debate on AstraZeneca

In recent days, the case of Canepa and then that of another young woman (still hospitalized in intensive care after suffering from thrombosis) have reignited the debate on whether to administer AstraZeneca to people under 60. The Ministry of Health asked a new opinion on the experts of the CTS, who – after examining numerous studies on contraindications for young people – would have agreed on the need to suspend the administration for those under 60 and to recommend that young people who have already taken the first dose of AstraZeneca proceed with the second dose with Pfizer. A meeting of the Committee is currently underway, at the end of which the final decision on the matter should be communicated to the Minister of Health who will then have to issue the circular.

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