Centro Studi Borgogna, a cycle of meetings on ‘law and health’ at the start

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The Covid-19 pandemic has severely tested the health and production systems of the planet, with unprecedented social and economic implications. Italy, and Lombardy in particular, were the first target in the Western world of this new and unknown enemy that has spread pain and uncertainty but also induced a profound rethinking on the way of ‘doing health’ and on adequacy and efficiency. of the instrumental and organizational apparatus aimed at guaranteeing the full implementation of the fundamental right enshrined in article 32 of the Constitution. Starting from these premises, the Burgundy Study Center (Csb), in collaboration with Innovation for Italy Center for Studies on Health and Public Administration, has created the cycle of events “Law and Health”: a series of meetings on topics that are central to the development of our health system.

All the meetings will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel and Facebook profile of the Centro Studi Borgogna. The first appointment, entitled “Health between right and duty: vaccination obligation and Article 32 of the Constitution”, will be held Thursday 18 March, live on the web from 5 pm, reports a note. Fabrizio Ventimiglia, criminal lawyer and president of CSB will introduce the works and will be present for the initial greetings. Moderating the meeting will be Adriana Apostoli, director of the Department of Law of the University of Brescia, full professor of Constitutional Law. Participants as speakers: Renato Balduzzi, former Minister of Health, professor of Constitutional Law at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart; Francesco Maisto, president emeritus of the Supervisory Court of Bologna, Guarantor of the rights of prisoners of the Municipality of Milan.

And again: Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist of the University of Milan; Gian Vincenzo Zuccotti, director of the pediatric department of the Buzzi hospital in Milan and dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the State University of Milan; Francesco Maggi, journalist at time.news Salute.

The cycle of events – the note details – will therefore start from the delicate issue of balancing fundamental freedoms and collective interests that will lead us to question the controversial issue of vaccinations and art. 32 of the Constitution, which provides for the protection of health as a fundamental right of the individual and in the interest of the community.

The other five appointments of the cycle will take place according to the calendar and themes to follow: the second meeting, scheduled Thursday April 15, at 5pm, on the topic “Telemedicine and new care models. The current context and prospects”. The health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has in fact imposed a new way of living, working and relating to individuals. In this epochal social transformation, therefore, telemedicine has forcefully entered our lives, as a fundamental part of the action plans prepared by the Government to deal with the pandemic.

The third meeting, scheduled Thursday 13 May, again at 5pm, will have as title “From health demand to supply: planning, accreditation and contracts in the national and regional regulatory framework”. After years of linear cuts that have undermined the ability to respond to the current needs of prevention and treatment and even more to the exceptional ones of an emergency nature, the time has come to rethink the logic of national and regional planning starting from health needs and demographic changes of the population. And it is precisely a new and dynamic vision of the demand for assistance that requires the reasoned use of innovative models, first of all telemedicine, whose diffusion is still hampered by technical and cultural obstacles that must absolutely be overcome.

The fourth meeting, Thursday 10 June at 5 pm, it will be centered on “The development prospects of the Lombard health system”: a look at the region symbolizing the fight against Covid-19, Lombardy, which, at the end of the five-year experimentation of the regional law 23/2015, wonders about the possible remodulations of a social and health system of certain quality, but eager to rethink its governance and its territorial dimension.

The fifth and final meeting, Thursday 8 July, at 5 pm, will have as title: “GDPR: The management of health data during the Covid-19 emergency”, a theme, that of the collection and processing of health data, the primary front in the fight against the pandemic, which presents delicate balancing profiles between fundamental freedoms and collective interests.


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