Take advantage of the summer and push on summer camps to give back sports and sociality to children. The WHO has coined the expression “Pandemic Fatigue” to indicate pandemic stress which can include mild or severe psychosomatic disorders such as fatigue, fear or despair of danger, restlessness, insomnia, loss of appetite, passivity and sudden changes in health. ‘mood. And Unicef ​​focused on the impact of this stress on the little ones, confirming that “at least one in seven children and young people lived under home stay measures for most of the year which caused them states of anxiety, depression and isolation”.

In addition, the closure of schools and all sports activities – measures necessary to limit infections – it has denied our children not only valuable opportunities for recreation, physical training and learning, with repercussions also on physical and psychological well-being, but also the social dimension and the possibility of internalizing fundamental values ​​such as respect for rules and people, collaboration, social inclusion. In this scenario, summer camps can play a crucial role in the psychophysical recovery of children and adolescents.

“Summer can become an opportunity to make up for lost time and to give back to our children the thoughtlessness denied for too many months, with a valuable experience to regain serenity, trust in others and, above all, in the future ” comments Giulia Pettinau, founder of Orangogo, the first search engine and mapping of sports in Italy. “Now more than ever, we are proud to be able to support families and sports associations with our platform” adds the founder of Orangogo who again this year has made the mapping of all the Italian summer camps and beyond, to allow mothers and fathers to find – in a few clicks – all the details on shifts, times, prices and availability, and to choose the solution that best suits your child, with the possibility of booking and paying directly online.

Moreover, until 30 June the service is active on the INPS website to request the new bonus for summer centers, babysitters and additional services
for childhood, which can only be accessed for children under the age of 14. And the research on Orangogo ranges from multi-sport fields to meditation, from the study of languages ​​to coding, passing through art, music, respect for the environment and with particular attention to disabilities: a customizable search, filtering into based on the geolocation of fields, sea and mountains, cities or nature, with detailed cards that contain all the information relating to safety and also, for example, meals, materials, scheduled activities and instructions regarding specific needs, starting with celiac disease.

Thanks to the mapping and activity on summer camps, Orangogo explains that he has also entered into a partnership with Decathlon Club for the supply to sports clubs of customized kits with their own logo (backpack bag, t-shirt, cap, aluminum bottle). The collaboration is carried out thanks to the common vision of the two companies that believe – even more today after the pandemic – in the need to make sport accessible to as many people as possible, giving the possibility to anyone, whether a beginner or an expert, to practice the sporting activity that most falls within its strings.

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