Criterion »Heterosexism deconstructs itself

The CDU / CSU seem to have been the only unique selling point for decades to uphold their concern for family, children, parenthood and marriage. Everything in a heterosexist reduction, of course. So now a small contribution to the election campaign against the Union.

The system of heterosexism deconstructs itself. Even its ideal image of marriage – even its most classic forms of parenting, raising children, dreaming of the family – is transbinary. We are all male and female at the same time, because we follow from mother and father. We today come from the bourgeois manhood of sovereignty and the proletarian manhood of aggression, we come from the bourgeois womanhood of dependency and the proletarian of impotence. Insofar as we are children, we are always both-and-necessarily female and male. And it was our parents. And their parents … Heterosexism is always already dialectical in many ways conveyed and thus synthetic and thus his own negation: Being a man and being a woman contain one another. Those who uphold family, children, parenthood and marriage are already transforming their heterosexism into the non-binary. That is to say, the Union does not understand its own ideals: it does not understand what it means to get married, to be parents, to have children. And because she doesn’t understand her own ideals, her dream of having a family degenerates into a nightmare for parents and children alike.

Against this, it should be remembered: we are always more than we should be. In order to realize this reality, however, we need feminism. To be more precise: we need a lot of feminisms – and none that are identitarian, essentializing, and sectarian. First and foremost, we need a constructivist feminism that deconstructs gender and sex as embodiments of power and invites us to queer; an anti-patriarchal feminism that (not least) reforms the structures of desire and attractiveness in order to liberate our sexualities; and a materialistic feminism that finds misogyny inscribed in the economy in order to seek its way out of sexism as ways out of capitalism.

In short, anyone who invokes the value of the family and does not want to contradict themselves would do well to become a feminist and thus transbinary. And that is less an invitation to the CDU and CSU than a declaration of war.


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