Defeat a la Catalan (77-76)

Defeat a la Catalan (77-76)

2023-10-01 18:55:10

Only those who play them lose titles. well he knowsSpar Girona that has a squad full of players with a consolidated career but that yesterday, could not overcome al Cadí la Seu in the final of the Catalan League. The team from Girona escaped the match at the last gasp but both teams offered a fast-paced duel that had numerous tachycardic moments and maximum tension. The red-and-black set enjoyed a 4-second possession to try to tie the game with a triple in the last moment when the score was 77-74. The players chose to try it with Morgan Bertsch, who looked for a 2+1 from under the hoop and, despite materializing the basket, he was not granted the extra personnel and the options of Girona to take the first title of the season collapsed definitively. On the contrary, the Seatwith the bath tub Júlia Soler as MVPsealed his third consecutive Catalan League.

Marta Canella crossing the court with the ball. Agustí Peña (FCBQ)

A hard blow for a team that started the match dominating in the same way it had dominated Barça CBS in the semi-finals. In fact, after the first quarter (12-23) it seemed that the Girona team could go to the break with half the work done. But it was not so. The Sedis played at home and the percussion and the full house at the Sports Palace of Seu d’Urgell they were the obvious proof.

Júia Soler collecting the MVP award of the final. FCBQ

The players of Fabian Tellez they began to believe it and Ramette i Remenárová they weren’t ready to let go. With a partial score of 5 to 0, they forced the rivals to ask for a timeout. The percussion section did not falter in its task of providing rhythm and the banjoline Júlia Soler (21 points) responded with a triple that brought the home team closer (25-31). Faced with the lack of centimeters, Sedis tried to cut distances with the outside shot and appeared Margaret Bair (19 points) to refloat the situation and place a tight 35-39 on the scoreboard at the break.

Spar Girona beat Barça and reach the final of the Catalan League (89-68)

The locals came out of the break like lightning. a basket ofAnna Palma overturned the score (44-42) for the first time. A fact that was decisive: the locals started to believe it. And the proof of this was the balance in the rebound despite the superiority in centimeters of Uni.

The electronic was swaying from side to side while Julia Soler, little by little, he was inflating his particular bag of points. It seemed that the team of Fabian Tellez he had taken the measure for Spar Girona, which could not get rid of the Urgellenques. With both teams in bonuses, Anna Palma placed the maximum difference for the locals (60-56).

Regan Magarity, with the ball in his hands, in a match action. Agustí Peña (FCBQ)

The Cadí players were increasingly confident on the floor. Proof of this was the triple of Ramette from practically half court that placed a new maximum (+7) and lit up the pavilion. The visitors had been knocked out, however the Magarity-Tolo duo resurrected the Spar that was placed at three points.

Time was advancing and the Girona team had collapsed. There was still time and the margin of points allowed to take it more calmly, but the players of Laura Antoja they failed to make thoughtful decisions in attack. Fortunately for Girona, Marta Canella he took a triple up his sleeve and recovered a ball that gave Uni options to tie with a minute and a half left. Sandra Ygueravide assumed the responsibility and placed the tie (71-71) on the scoreboard. Nervous tachycardia was beginning to take hold of the audience.

Cadí la Seu with the Catalan League trophy. FCBQ

It was heads or tails. Both teams had options to take the title. But Júlia Soler, from the free kick, kept her cool to lead the home team again. The pace was frantic and for every attack there was a response. Morgan Bertsch, who made her debut with Spar Girona yesterday, had the ball in her hands to tie the game, but the American’s shot did not go in. The frenzy took over the Girona team, who seemed to have the ball burning in their hands. Time was running out and Sedis had the pan by the handle.

Uni wants to win the first title while continuing to lay the foundations of the new project

With nine seconds, Ygueravide He was excited by placing 75-74. But it was too late. Bairfrom the free kick, he didn’t miss and forced Uni to look for a triple to force the tie with 4 seconds remaining. To make matters worse, she was responsible for the feat Morgan Bertsch, who could barely put the jet lag aside, as he landed in Catalonia on Friday. The American scored from under the hoop and looked for the additional free kick with a personal, but the referees did not consider it so and Cadí la Seu took the match.

Spar Girona collecting the runners-up trophy. FCBQ

Uni’s long faces said everything without saying anything. The team, which was just playing its fifth game as a whole yesterday, had missed the duel. I recognized it Laura Antoja after the match: “We have to reserve the opinion of how it went and analyze it well. We lacked a lot of patience up front”, indicated the coach who, at the same time, added: “We have taken a step forward with our style of play but we need to focus on the speed we want to print”.

Despite the defeat, the team from Girona leaves La Seu with one more piece in the team, a more experienced group, and with their eyes fixed on the league debut in Fontajau against Barça CBS next weekend

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