Antena 3, unbeatable against Telecinco’s worst start to the season

Antena 3, unbeatable against Telecinco’s worst start to the season

2023-10-02 01:02:44

Telecinco is on its way to experiencing the worst season in history in terms of audience. The one from Mediaset recorded its worst start to the television season with a 9.6% audience share, which represents a slight increase of six tenths compared to August. However, the loss of viewers is more pronounced if we compare the data with September of last year, when the Fuencarral channel averaged a 12.1% share. That is, in twelve months, Telecinco fell 2.5 points with its new, more familiar and white programming. The monthly leadership continues under the dominance of Antena 3 with 13% (losing one point compared to 2022) and, for its part, TVE’s La 1 consolidates the second position it achieved in July, by scoring 10.5%, almost two points more than the same period last year.

The reign of Antena 3 extends in the majority of autonomous communities. Atresmedia’s main channel, leader for the 23rd consecutive month, wins in Andalusia (14.4%); Aragon (13.7%); Balearic Islands (12.1%); Valencian Community (15%); Canary Islands (13.1%); Castilla-La Mancha (16.1%); Castilla León (16.7%); Galicia (12.6); Region of Murcia (16.9%); Cantabria (12.8%) and Extremadura (13.5%). La 1 is the most watched television in the Madrid territories (12%); Basque Country (11%); Navarra (13.7%) and La Rioja (12.5%). Telecinco, on the other hand, only leads in Asturias with 11.6%, while TV3 is the favorite among Catalans with 13.9%, according to a report by Dos30′ based on data from the consulting firm Kantar Media.

By slots, Antena 3 wins at all times, except early morning, which Energy wins. Atresmedia’s is also the leading option among women with 14.9% share in September and also leads among adults (45-64 years) and seniors (over 65 years) with 11.5% and 16.2% share, respectively. The set of payment chains is the favorite in the commercial target (14%), the most appreciated by advertisers.

In news programs, ‘Antena 3 Noticias’ also manages to be the favorites among viewers with an average share in all editions of 18.4%, ahead of TVE’s ‘Telediario’ (11.7%), Telecinco’s news programs (11%) and ‘La Sexta Noticias’ (8%). At noon, Sandra Golpe wins (21.1% and more than 2 million followers) over Alejandra Herranz (12.3%) and David Cantero and Isabel Jiménez (11.8%). At night, Vicente Vallés leads with 18.3% and 1.9 million viewers, a figure higher than Carlos Franganillo (11.2%) and Pedro Piqueras (10.3%). Antena 3 news also dominates the weekend.

Telecinco crisis

The comfortable leadership of Antena 3 contrasts with the delicate situation that Telecinco is experiencing at the beginning of the season. The Mediaset network renewed its programming offer with a major advertising campaign abroad that, for the moment, is not achieving the expected results. In the afternoon, Ana Rosa Quintana’s ‘TardeAR’ dropped below 10% share in its second week of broadcast and Jorge Javier Vázquez’s ‘Chinese Tales’ were removed from the grid after their low ratings. Nor does the new edition of ‘Big Brother VIP’ achieve the results of yesteryear. Its last gala broadcast last Thursday scored 11.6% compared to the leadership of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ (15.7%).

The other side of the coin goes to TVE’s La 1, benefiting from the programming changes on Telecinco. It recorded its best start to the season for six years and its daily serial, ‘The Promise’, is the audience leader and reaches its best historical monthly average in share and the second best in viewers: 12.5% ​​share and 1,106 ,000 followers. ‘La hora de La 1’ is also having a great moment on public television. The news magazine presented by Marc Sala and Silvia Intxaurrondo registered 14.9%, its best figure in ‘simulcast’ (sum of La 1 and Canal 24 Horas).

At the bottom of the table, La Sexta scores 6.4% share and Cuatro 5.3%. La 2, for its part, is satisfied with 2.9%, while Energy is the most followed DTT channel (2.7%). In addition, linear television consumption registers an average of 172 minutes per viewer per day in September, 8.2% more than in August 2023.

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