Dl Sostegni: Landini, stop layoffs until 31/10 for everyone

(source Lapresse) Maurizio Landini

The general secretary of the CGIL, Maurizio Landini, during the hearing in the Senate Budget and Finance committees as part of the examination of the support decree, he expressed himself with these words: “We ask that there be an intervention on the issues blocking of layoffs, social safety nets and labor protections in a general sense. We think that on the blocking of layoffs it is necessary to have a single date and to bring the stop for everyone from 30 June to 31 October.

He also stressed that “it is important, we are still inside the emergency, unfortunately we are not yet out of the pandemic. reform of social safety nets. Having this period that avoids opening the way to layoffs in our country is an important issue and we allow ourselves to address it “.


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