Due to storm warning, holiday notice for schools and colleges in Vellore today afternoon and tomorrow..!

CHENNAI: A holiday has been announced for schools and colleges in Vellore today afternoon and tomorrow due to the storm warning. The deep depression over the Bay of Bengal has strengthened into a storm since midnight. The storm has been named Mantus. The deep depression strengthened into a storm at 11.30 pm. According to the Meteorological Department, Cyclone Mandus is moving at a speed of 6 kilometers per hour.

The storm is moving at a speed of 6 km per hour in the last 6 hours. 500 km east-southeast of Karaikal. At a distance, 580 km south-east of Chennai. The center of the storm is also in the distance. Cyclone Mandus is likely to make landfall between Puducherry-Sriharikota on 9th midnight. 85 km per hour as the storm makes landfall. Wind blowing up to speed.

As Cyclone Mandus approaches, schools and colleges in Thanjavur and Tiruvarur districts have already been closed today as a precautionary measure. In this case, in Vellore district, due to heavy rain, from 3 pm today till tomorrow (09.12.2022), all schools and colleges have been given holiday. The Vellore district administration has ordered a holiday for the students as a precautionary measure against the storm.


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