“For 10 years I did not tolerate my husband”: why does Michelle Obama reveal what she did not dare before?

“For 10 years I did not tolerate my husband”: why does Michelle Obama reveal what she did not dare before?

In a recent interview with her, Michelle Obama (wife of former US President Barack Obama) revealed that for ten years (!) – “I couldn’t stand my husband”.

This expression was revealed by Michelle during a program where famous women were invited to talk about difficulties in their married life. “It’s never a 50/50 split,” she says. “The bigger burden is usually on the wife. My husband’s career has put a crazy strain on our married life, and threatened it more than once.

Malia and Sasha Obama, their daughters, were seven and 10 years old when their father was elected president – and maybe this was happy news for him, but for Michelle this is where the difficult challenge began. “Little children are bad communicators. They cry all the time, and don’t speak. It was almost impossible to educate them alone.”

“Actually, I couldn’t stand my husband for ten years, when our daughters were little,” says Michelle. “The burden of raising the children fell mostly on me, and I felt that it was just unfair. We don’t talk about how much work is required and how hard it is, even when you live with the best person on earth and even when everything works out as it should. People think that the division can be 50/50 and it’s just It doesn’t make sense. We’ve been married for 30 years, of which I had at least 10 bad years – but today people give up and divorce for much less than that. Five years of suffering, and get up and walk away. They can’t stand it, and don’t understand that even if it’s bad years, it passes It won’t always be like this.”

So why is Michelle Obama revealing such a personal detail – right now?

It turns out that there are those who pay money, and a lot, for the ‘memories’ of Michelle and her husband, former President Barack Obama. In fact, in 2017 the Obamas signed a contract in which they are expected to earn 65 million dollars (!), for the ‘memories’ they are now sharing in the media.


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