France, “ministers at dinner in exclusive and clandestine restaurants” during the lockdown: an investigation opened –

Some French ministers would have participated in clandestine dinners in exclusive but illegal Paris restaurants, because they are open in spite of the restrictions desired by the government to stem the coronavirus epidemic. This was revealed in a special broadcast on Friday night by the television channel M6 and recorded with a hidden camera, in which one organizer of these evenings admitted that members of the executive attended, while not identifying them. The man, whose identity – specifies BfmTv – remains to be confirmed, says he dined this week in two or three illegal restaurants with a number of ministers. The hashtag #OnVeutLesNoms (#We want names) has become trending on Twitter. More than 16,000 users want to know the names of the participants and ask for their resignations.

The prefecture of Paris has opened an investigation. I asked the prefect of the Paris police to verify the veracity of the facts so that, if they were true, to prosecute the organizers and the participants, tweeted the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin. His deputy delegate to Citizenship, Marlene Schiappa, added that if it were to be discovered the participation of members of the government in such events there will be no discounts or privileges. If ministers or deputies have broken the rules, there must be fines and they must be sanctioned like any other citizen, he stressed. There will be no privileges for anyone, echoed the Minister of Finance, Bruno Le Maire, who at the same time he said he was convinced that his colleagues did not participate at dinners and wondered why the organizer did not provide the names.

The images disseminated by M6 they would show an event, complete with men ranging between 160 and 490 euros, in an underground restaurant in a good neighborhood. You see that Neither participants nor waiters wear masks. The TV channel also got footage of a paid evening, in which dozens of guests without masks are seen, some of whom kiss, before sharing the men with caviar and champagne. Once you walk through the door there is no Covid. We want people to feel comfortable. This is a private club. We want people to feel at home, says one of the respondents.

April 4, 2021 (change April 4, 2021 | 18:27)

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