Grandfather withdraws the wrong granddaughter from kindergarten: disciplinary measure for two – Chronicle

AREZZO. Disciplinary assessments of the Municipality of Arezzo were started on an educator and a kindergarten caretaker municipal where two days ago (June 25) the staff handed a little girl to the “wrong” grandfather.

According to the reconstructions, the elderly man actually made a first mistake ringing the bell at the nest, instead of the nursery school which is next door, and then a second mistake recognizing only the child given to him was not his niece but another.

The misunderstanding would go on for about half an hour, the time to reach the house, realizing with the other family members that he has withdrawn another child and bring back the “wrong” granddaughter.

In the meantime, a family member of this child had come to the nursery and not finding the daughter Did you call the police.

The elder’s real granddaughter, however, one or two years older than the other, she was waiting for someone to pick her up from kindergarten adjacent.

“The error of the structure has occurred and will be codified by those who did it with the expected disciplinary consequences”, says the deputy mayor Lucia Tanti which follows the assessments of the Municipality.

The affair has already sparked disciplinary proceedings on two nursery staff, considering that relatives must show a proxy and be identified, and that the staff is also responsible for avoiding serious misunderstandings like this one.

It also appears that the girls have the same name.

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