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Kochi: Hartali staged by Popular Front In eye-related attacks, Compensation for stolen buses KSRTC Hico on request Petition submitted in the file. Loss of Rs 5.06 crore on Hartal Day Get it from Popular Front It is requested to give .

Popular Front Leaders Central Agency protested the arrest The bus stopped at the hartal In case of damage to The petition seeks compensation for the loss. . By heart without prior notice Why KSRTC Service 10 lives in hartal R and a passenger were injured. also makes it clear in the petition.

KSRTC on hartal High should be charged from the aggressors. The court had earlier directed. Expenditure on repairing buses RAM service is down Loss of Income and Violent Games From and from those who call by heart The High Court has directed that was Not only that, the loss to KSRTC Remedial action The High Court report from the government There is After that, K joined the party in the case. SRTC petitioned the High Court Being present.

58 buses were broken

58 buses were thrown on the day of Hartal KSRTC High Court has heard It is known in To the employees of KSRTC 50 FIRs filed in Kia complaint Please say that Star has done it. of

KSRTC significant wealth The behavior of standing in conflict Repair the broken down buses. Saha needs to earn more money than It is true. In the petition, it is excessive. It flies.


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