How many credits will it cost to unlock Willow?

How many credits will it cost to unlock Willow?

It’s time to welcome another new brawler to Brawl Starswell the willow’s arrival is imminent, with the in-game countdown marking next Tuesday, April 4. Something that increases hype to meet her and test her abilities.

Willow is a brawler able to control enemies with his super. However, it seems that his stats are quite weak, and that super is quite difficult to load, which makes it easily have little impact in a match.

But in all this month since it was announced, Brawl Stars She has been able to have time to announce tweaks, and we will see if there is a buff that makes her the brawler that many expect, and that she does have the power that we all expect from a character with such ability. Although now that it can be tested, that improvement has not yet arrived, and it is time to be optimistic.

How many credits will it cost to get Willow in Brawl Stars?

The arrival of a new brawler always brings us back to the Starr Path. Whether we are maxed or not, because it doesn’t matter, since the credits that we have assigned to a brawler we can transfer to Willow with her arrival, although only temporarily.

For this, in both scenarios, it is important to have saved unclaimed credits in the different rewards of the Brawl Pass or the Path of Trophies. Because it is true that, being maxed out, all the credits obtained in challenges and missions are ‘lost’ in the form of fame.

Willow is a mythical brawler, making it the second highest cost in the game. And to find out its value ahead of time and try to save, all you have to do is go to the calculator of how many credits each brawler costs based on their rarity. Since they will all cost the same, or at least until Supercell decides to change the rules.

The answer? willow will cost 1900 credits. So, as we say, if you have any unclaimed reward, either from this season or from a previous one, it is better to leave it untouched. And if we are not interested in Willow either, for whatever reason, all the more reasons not to touch those credits (unless we are going to lose them because they are already from two seasons ago) and wait for another brawler more in line with our style of play.


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