In the Czech Republic told about the state of health of the hospitalized President Zeman

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Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babish said that the health of the hospitalized President of the Republic Milos Zeman does not cause concern, reports TASS.

“I am informed about the state of health of Mr. President. I think that it should not cause concern. His state of health has never been such as to cause concern. They are not there even now. He was hospitalized after consulting doctors. There is no place to speculate that the president has any health problems, ”Babis told reporters.

On September 27, Zeman plans to receive Babis at the country residence of the head of state in the city of Lany near Prague.

As the agency notes, citing local media, Zeman will be in the hospital until at least Friday.

Zeman’s hospitalization became known on September 14. According to, the head of state suffers from neuropathy of the lower extremities, due to which he ended up in a wheelchair. In addition, Zeman has hearing problems, diabetes and low blood pressure.


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