In Tuscany an evening of open theaters “But only to say: we exist”

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The same gesture was repeated theater after theater, throughout Florence, in all the main Tuscan realities: the doors open, the lights that come on, the workers who look out. Dalla Pergola with the director Marco Giorgetti and the president-councilor Tommaso Sacchi, at the Verdi and then at the Maggio with the superintendent Alexander Pereira and the singers of the Academy, accompanied on the piano, with a symbolic “Open those eyes a little” from The wedding of Figaro by Mozart. To Puccini who sported the auspicious smile of Daniela Morozzi alongside the director Lorenzo Luzzetti. At the Rifredi Theater with her godmother Serra Yilmaz and a banquet with a notebook in which to collect signatures, thoughts and intentions, taking advantage of the large garden that welcomes visitors before the foyer and makes the “home” of Pupi and Fresedde a place of ‘remote meeting and natural open air. And then the Manzoni in Pistoia, the Poliziano of Montepulciano.

All at the same time at 19.30 last night, coordinated by the newly formed organization “Unita”, “for a symbolic but important act” as Sacchi defined it, an opening-non-opening, to see the lights of the stages while remaining out in the street . Exactly one year after the last time it was possible to sit in the stalls and watch a show before the lockdown. And there was plenty of people in the street, in front of their own theater of reference, to “shed light on the theaters” as the slogan of the initiative says. Without gatherings, but with the desire to show all the affection for a place that for a year has become alien to the lives of citizens. And to send the message that “we miss the theater, hurry to give it back to us” as the many artists and spectators ask in chorus in front of Puccini, raising their hands to the sky all together.

Today actors and workers of the show take to the streets all over Italy, in Florence in front of the Prefecture in via Cavour at 10. Yesterday the first sign of hope arrived from the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini, who was interviewed by Corriere della Sera has put the reopening of places of culture at the center of the debate. Resolution taken up by the mayor Dario Nardella as “a good thing” because “it is not in these places that the epidemic breaks out.” And from the president of the Region Eugenio Giani who underlines how cinemas and theaters are safer places than others from the point of view of the risk of contagion and for this reason theaters “can be inserted like museums and exhibitions in the yellow zone”. Even the president of the culture commission in the Regional Council Cristina Giachi pushes on this key: “An important step forward”.

“It is necessary to plan and implement a plan that leads to the return of the spectators as soon as possible,” said the director of the Pergola. “We are ready with new productions as soon as we get started” added the superintendent of the Maggio who broadcast live on Facebook the flash mob with the theater all “on”.

23 February 2021 | 13:43

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