It took 7 years for “Super Mario Creator 2” players to create their own “Super Mario 5” brand new 40 adventure levels, which were well received | 4Gamers

Although there are many works in the Super Mario series, there are always some fans who love classic 2D adventures. Unfortunately, Nintendo has not planned to develop traditional 2D Mario story adventures in recent years. “(Super Mario Maker 2) designed a brand new 2D map and 40 adventure levels, which took 7 years.

As we all know, “Super Mario Creator 2” is famous for allowing players to design levels through various tools, especially some super-abusive and difficult levels that make people enjoy the magical skills of master clearance, but the purpose of Metroid Mike 64 is to Wanting to pay homage to the classics of the past with a new 2D Mario adventure, he unofficially named it Super Mario 5.

This project has been implemented since the first generation of “Super Mario Creator” came out in 2015. Mike said that after the second generation was launched in 2019, he took great pains to transfer the level cards that were originally done in the first generation to the second generation. .

The biggest change in the 2nd generation is the addition of a world map creation function, which allows players to stitch the designed levels into an orderly adventure through a self-made world map, just like the world of “Super Mario 3” in the past.

Mike created 8 world areas in his “Super Mario 5”, created a total of 40 levels, and applied 3 different style settings. A love letter from fans of the Ou series.

Mike’s work has been warmly praised by many overseas players after it was published on Twitter. Many players praised the perfect combination of level design and world view background, and the creativity of difficulty is reminiscent of the feeling of gradual progress in Mario games, while the difficulty design of BOSS battle It is also full of excitement.

Friends who own the Switch “Super Mario Creator 2” can experience the “Super Mario 5” designed by Mike by entering the creation code “0G9-XN4-FNF”.


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