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Director TJ apologizes to Vanniyar community over Surya movie Jai Bhim controversy Wisdom. It was alleged that a calendar with a picture of the community was hung on the wall of the station to disguise the villainous policeman in the picture as a member of the Vanniyar community. Gnanavle said this was not intentional and that the calendar was hung to show the year 1995 only. (jai bhim director apologizes)

The calendar was removed even before the image was released on the OTT platform. But before that the scene with this calendar spread on social media for a lot of people to see the picture. Gnanavle said in a statement that he was solely responsible for the mistake as a director, not the sun.

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The Vanniyar community staged a fierce protest against the sun. The Patali Makkal party had also announced that a reward of Rs 1 lakh would be given to those who beat Surya.

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