Kim Jong-Un fires many executives. “They were wrong about Covid”

by time news – The North Korean leader he fired several senior officials in the country due to a “serious accident” related to the fight against the pandemic . This was announced by the country’s official agency, KCNA.

The people fired “caused a serious accident which causes a huge crisis for the security of the nation and its people “, explained Kim during a meeting of the politburo, according to reports from the agency that does not add any details.

Till now, the North Korean regime has always maintained that the Covid pandemic never reached its territory, and therefore did not register contagions or deaths, arousing the perplexities of the whole world.

End since January 2020, the country has closed its borders to prevent the virus from arriving from China.

The closure further aggravated an already very compromised economic situation from the international sanctions affecting the Kim Jong Un regime, in particular because it has drastically reduced trade with China, also causing a shortage of food and medicines.

“By neglecting important party decisions in its national emergency antivirus fight given the global health crisis, officials in charge have caused a major accident that poses a huge security crisis for the nation and its people,” he said. Kim to the politburo as reported by KCNA and reported by the South Korean news agency Yonhap.


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