In all regions of Belarus, from October 9, the mandatory wearing of masks in public places will be introduced, citizens will also be obliged to observe the recommended social distance. This is reported by the Ministry of Health of the country.

“In the Republic of Belarus, since October 9, wearing masks and keeping a distance in public places will become mandatory for everyone. This norm has been introduced by the specialists of the Ministry of Health into the sanitary norms and rules concerning the prevention of influenza and COVID-19, ”the statement reads. The Belarusian Ministry of Health explained that “this is due to the fact that in all regions of the republic and the city of Minsk there is an unfavorable epidemiological situation in terms of the incidence of a new coronavirus infection.”

“A significant addition has been made – the responsibility of individuals. It will be necessary to comply with the rules in all types of public transport, including taxis. The sanitary norms and rules also indicate how the mask should be worn: it should cover the nose, mouth and chin, ”explained the country’s chief sanitary doctor, Alexander Tarasenko.

According to the Ministry of Health of Belarus, 1,995 patients with COVID-19 were registered in the country per day, 1,645 patients were discharged. In total, 553 795 cases of COVID-19 infection have been registered in the country since the beginning of the pandemic. Recovered 529 853 patients who had previously been diagnosed with coronavirus. Over the entire period of the spread of the infection in the country, 4,259 patients with diagnosed coronavirus infection have died. More than 2.7 million Belarusians out of 9.4 million were vaccinated with the first dose.


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