Massimo Ciaglia: immediately Bestseller “How to Create a Successful Startup?”

According to the quarterly report of the MISE, Unioncamere and InfoCamere, the number of officially registered startups steadily settles above 10,000 in Italy. A number that denotes a strong push on the part of Italian entrepreneurs in terms of technological innovation. For all those entrepreneurs who have always wanted to launch their own startup but have never taken the second step for fear of failure, the book of Massimo Ciaglia How to create a successful Startaup? Theory, tools and mindsets to take your startup to scale“(Bruno Publisher). Inside, the author shares with his readers the same information that will allow them to plan the launch of their startup without errors, so as to bring it to success in 7 simple steps.

The book

The book is a real practical guide able to answer all the questions that a startupper, an entrepreneur, a business manager or a curious student of this ecosystem asks themselves when addressing this issue.” he claims Massimo Ciaglia, author of the book “In the manual I therefore address crucial topics for those who start this experience for the first time, but then I go into detail with more complex issues, suitable both for professionals and for those who have already gained experience in this regard.”.

A model to follow

Second Ciaglia, many startups make mistakes that almost always have a minimum common denominator: the lack of method. It is therefore essential to have a precise model to follow, that is a real operational map that allows the startupper to minimize risks and maximize operational efficiency. Only in this way will the reader finally have clear the process on how to transform an idea into a business project, creating a product capable of truly satisfying the market’s need.

Massimo Ciaglia is a real Italian excellence in terms of startups. This latest work does nothing but make a further contribution to this world so fascinating and full of opportunities”He presses Giacomo Bruno, publisher of the book. “The numbers speak for themselves. If it is true that in Italy there is a growing air of innovation, it is equally true that unfortunately only a few are able to bring their project to light and make it profitable. Thanks to the information provided by the author in his book, a startupper now finally has a real map in his hands to follow”.

Bruno Publisher

“I have decided to publish this book with Giacomo Bruno who is an extraordinary professional and the results that have always accompanied him are proof of this, and I wanted to give all young people the opportunity to download it for free as a gift to the community of Italian startuppers, and try in my small way to make a contribution to growth at a time as complicated as that of the pandemic. And thanks to the collaboration of the staff Bruno Publisher the book immediately achieved great results, becoming Amazon’s most downloaded free book in just a few hours ”.

For anyone wishing to learn more, the book is available for free on Amazon at this address:

Massimo Ciaglia is a startup coach and mentor, innovator, business angel and serial entrepreneur. It boasts a successful track record with numerous ICT and digital startups. At just 27, his first exit in the USA. Today he is CEO of Grownnectia, an advisory company that supports startups in their scale-up and fundraising strategies and corporates in activities related to open innovation. He is the author of the strategic framework The Startup Canvas and of the book of the same name available on Amazon “The startup canvas. The method to transform an idea into a sure success “. He is co-founder of Poleecy, the first blockchain-based micro-insurance insurtech startup and is one of the founders of the Homo Ex Machina Foundation, a technophilanthropic organization created for the protection and well-being of humanity accelerated by digital ideas and technologies.


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