Mercedes-Benz partner of the Safe Driving Centers in Vallelunga and Linate

Mercedes-Benz Italia announces a two-year partnership with the Aci Safe Driving Centers of Rome (Vallelunga) and Milan (Lainate), an agreement that – underlines the German company – “arises from a sharing of values ​​such as safety, sustainability and importance. to create a system in a delicate transition phase, which sees the automotive industry as the protagonist of the greatest transformation in its history “.

The partnership will guarantee “a multi-purpose platform for the development of activities in various sectors” with the availability of models from the Stuttgart-based company equipped with the most advanced safety systems, as well as the latest solutions in the field of sustainability. As Radek Jelinek, President and CEO of Mercedes-Benz Italia points out, this “is much more than a simple partnership” but “an important signal of the need to create a system and create value for a sector as important as that of the automotive sector in Italy. Country”.

If the president Angelo Sticchi Damiani recalls that “safety on the roads for everyone, starting from the most vulnerable such as pedestrians and cyclists, is in fact the first objective of Aci”, the head of Vallunga Carlo Alessi recalls how “the technological increase on vehicles has contributed considerably to safety while the human factor continues to be the weak link. To promote safety, the first can be equipped with active safety systems, but it is equally necessary for man to know how to manage them by equipping himself with the necessary skills to react in the right way in the face of unexpected events “.


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