Michele Merlo dies of leukemia at 28, goodbye to the voice of Amici and X Factor

Tragedy in the entertainment world: the singer of “Amici” and “X Factor” Michele Merlo dies

The singer died last night Michele Merlo, 28 years old, already competitor of “X Factor” and of “Friends of Maria De Filippi”.

The young and unfortunate artist was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Ospedale Maggiore in Bologna after being hit, in the night between Thursday and Friday, by a cerebral hemorrhage triggered by a fulminant leukemia and, for this, subjected to a delicate surgery.

The conditions of Merlo, in art Mike Bird, had rapidly deteriorated over the course of hours.

“Michele – the family said in a note – had been feeling ill for days and on Wednesday he went to the emergency room of another hospital in the Bolognese area which, probably, mistaking the symptoms described for a different, banal viral form, had sent it home “.

Father Domenico yesterday said: “He went to the emergency room in full autonomy. He complained of symptoms that a careful doctor would have caught. He had been having a severe migraine for days, pains in the neck and plaques in the throat, a typical sign of leukemia. ‘they had examined, they would have seen that he had bruises. We don’t have a medical report, but a barcode bracelet that I have at home. And an audio that my son sent to the girlfriend in which he says ‘I’m pissed off, they told me I stuffed the emergency room for two plaques in my throat’. Instead he was tired. Michele had two arms like that. He played sports, he did not drink, he never used drugs, he liked the good life, eating well, good things, he traveled far and wide in Italy “.

The Ausl is trying to clarify the tragic episode with an internal investigation. Meanwhile, the Merlo family also wanted to “categorically deny what some uninformed people write on social media: Michele has in no way been vaccinated against Covid. Michele was struck by a severe form of fulminant leukemia with subsequent cerebral haemorrhage“.

Michele Merlo – the poignant memory of friends and colleagues

Ermal Meta remembers Michele Merlo with a tweet that says: “What an injustice to die like this at 28. How sad. Rest in peace boy …”, joining the pain expressed by Francesco Facchinetti a Federico Rossi (del duo Benji & Fede) until Aka7even, competitor of the latest edition of “Amici”.

Particularly moved the farewell of Emma Marrone on Instagram: “Hi Michele. Last night I sang loudly for you … This morning my heart broke into a thousand pieces. I have no words my friend. I kiss you on the forehead and always cracked corners of the mouth. Have a good trip Michi “.



Gwen June 9, 2021 - 12:04

He died from the c19 shot, stop lying.

Joe Skulls June 9, 2021 - 16:43

The vaccine killed him.

Kenneth Wagner June 10, 2021 - 19:10

It was the FrankenVaxx that killed him. He made a video joking about the side effects after he rolled up his sleeve for the bio weapon. Not so funny now……


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