Misinformation spread about Tamil language boycott in Republic Day decorations

In a vehicle representing Tamil Nadu in the 2023 Republic Day Parade ‘Tamil Nadu’ is in Hindi The photos are being circulated on social media.

The 74th Republic Day will be celebrated on January 26 across India. The Republic Day celebrations in Delhi usually involve vehicle parades on behalf of states, Union Territories and the Union Government. The vehicles will be designed to showcase the country’s culture, art, military prowess etc. 17 vehicles on behalf of various states and union territories and 6 vehicles on behalf of the Union Government are participating in this year’s parade.

The rehearsal for this parade was held on the 23rd. In that, in the vehicle that participated on behalf of Tamil Nadu ‘Tamil Nadu’ It is said that the name is in Hindi. about this ‘Nakiran’ magazine on his Twitter page‘Tamil Nadu’ is written in Hindi only on the front side of the Tamil Nadu government’s decorative car!” tweeted.

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What is the truth?

In 2018, ‘Youturn’ published an article about the names of the states in Hindi on the vehicles participating in the Republic Day parade. The Union Ministry of Defense has laid down various regulations for the vehicles participating in the parade.

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of the parade vehicle Height, width, length and how much weight should be It will be announced by the Union Govt. It is mandatory for the states that prepare and ship the vehicle to follow this. To inspect the vehicle so sent and confirm it to participate in the parade Committees will also be constituted by the Union Government.

Likewise the vehicle, the important events in the history of the state. Festivals celebrated in the state. A cultural phenomenon of the people. Projects implemented to benefit people greatly. It should be designed based on environment and future vision.

Is the name Tamil Nadu in Hindi?

The Union Ministry of Defense has informed how the name of the states should be displayed on the parade vehicle. decorative the vehicle NAME OF PREPARING STATE Front page in Hindi and back page in English To be featured. respectively On the right and left sides of the vehicle in the state language To be featured.

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Ensuring that the name in Tamil is also present on the vehicle that has participated on behalf of Tamil Nadu this year ‘Yogaeswaran’ The journalist shared a photo on Twitter. Parade Rehearsal Video ‘Don Update’ Posted on the Twitter page. Moreover, the name Tamil Nadu can be seen in Tamil on the left side of the vehicle and in English on the back.

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From this in a vehicle participating in the 74th Republic Day Parade on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu It is known that the name ‘Tamil Nadu’ is in ‘Tamil’.

Central point of Tamil Nadu Vehicle :

Republic Day Festival Tamil Nadu Decoration Car Designed with female personalities in mind. Accordingly, Olavaiyar, Veeramangai Velunachiyar, Muvalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar, Dr. Muthulakshmi, Tanjore Balasaraswati, Statues of Ms. Subbulakshmi, the living natural farmer Pappammal and the Tanjore Periya Kovil Gopuram have been placed.

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