Nico Parker joins the live action of ‘How to train your dragon’

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2023-05-30 22:20:29


By: Samuel M | 05-30-23

The name of Nico Parker it will become very familiar to you because until a few months ago we saw her play Sarah Miller in The Last of UsJoel’s daughter. After the success of the series, the 18-year-old actress is preparing for a new big project by participating in the live action of ‘How to train your dragon’ in the role of Astrid.

The character is a Viking girl from the tribe of Hairy Hooligans who ends up training with Hiccup and other teenage Vikings; she would later become the great love of the protagonist of How to train your dragon. He also understood that dragons are not evil.

Nico Parker

DO NOT MISS IT: There will be live-action of ‘How to train your dragon’

Along with Nico Parker, we will also have the actor Mason Thames (The Black Phone) interpretando a Hiccup. The choice for the main actors took a few months since Dreamworks’ intention to adapt one of its most beloved animated franchises was announced.

at the address will be Dean DeBlois, who was commissioned to work on the film trilogy. The adaptation will be his live-action debut after years of having dedicated himself to films and animated series.

The live-action of How to train your dragon will still take time to arrive, since it is set for the March 14, 2025. With the main actors chosen, in a matter of time we will know which interpreters will be in charge of giving life to the other characters.

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