Pakistan: Imran Khan spying plan … trying to fit a tool in the bedroom! | Spying attempt on Ex-Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan foiled

Imran Khan has been ousted as Prime Minister of Pakistan due to the dire economic situation in the country. Shebaz Sharif then became the new prime minister.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “There is a conspiracy to kill me. I know who conspired to kill me. I have recorded a video. I mentioned everyone’s name in that video. If I am killed, the video will be made public. ” Similarly, organizations including the intelligence agency and the Pakistan Anti-Terrorist Squad had reported that Imran’s life was under threat.

Imran Khan

In this case, it has been reported that an employee who worked at Imran Khan’s house tried to fit a spy device in Imran Khan’s room.

Speaking to the media, Shebaz Gill, a member of Imran Khan’s party, said, “An employee of Imran Khan’s house tried to fit a spy device in his room. This act is cruel and unfortunate. Another employee who saw this immediately reported the matter to the Security Council. As they took action in this regard, that espionage attempt was thwarted. The man was immediately handed over to the Pakistani police. ”

Pakistani police have registered a case and are conducting a serious investigation into the incident. Imran’s security has also been strengthened.


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