Popular brain-damaging chemical named

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Named a popular chemical that negatively affects children’s brain development. As doctors have found out, organophosphates contained in electronics, toys, furniture and many other items can destroy the proper development of children and their nervous system. Experts in the field of neurology and endocrinology spoke about this in an article in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Organophosphates are neurotoxic, and this fact has already been recognized by scientists. But those chemicals that are used as plasticizers and for fire protection were considered safe. However, the authors of the study, published in the journal, conducted several dozen experiments and reported negative effects.

The experts explained that organophosphate esters continuously evolve into air and settle on dust. She, in turn, gets on the hands and can enter the body while eating. Children are most likely to touch their mouths with dirty hands, so they are most at risk.

By affecting the brain during early brain development, organophosphates can cause serious damage. The authors call for an end to the excessive use of organophosphates in production.


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