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LONDON – “We are not a racist family at all”: is the dry reply of the principe William to the accusations made by Meghan and Harry in the now infamous TV interview with Oprah Winfrey. It is the first time that a member of the royal house has personally replied to the Dukes of Sussex: an intervention outside the protocol, a phrase that came out of the teeth during a visit to a school. And William also added that he hasn’t talked to his brother yet, but that he will soon.

Prince William in defense of Kate Middleton

It is significant that the reaction came from William: it seems that he is particularly furiosThe for how his wife Kate was attacked by Meghan during the interview. But it is equally important that he wanted to dismiss the accusation of racism, the most serious launched by the Dukes of Sussex, according to which an unidentified member of the royal family had expressed concerns about the skin color of their future son, Archie.

The allegations of racism in the interview with Harry and Meghan

“We are definitely not a racist family”

William, Harry’s older brother, commented to English journalists who asked him on the sidelines of a public event in London. William himself, to those who asked him if he had confronted his younger brother after the interview with Oprah Winfrey, said: “Not yet, but I will do it”, to then specify “I love him, but we are now on the road. different”.

Harry, Meghan and the “break” with the royal family: the stages

The reaction of Queen Elizabeth

In the meantime, it is known that Queen Elizabeth has decided to take over the management of the crisis directly: the sovereign intends, in the next few days, to speak directly with Harry, but above all he intends to avoid an escalation and ensure that the issue is resolved in the family and does not become a further public scandal. This is also why he ordered the court to remain silent.

The Queen said she was “saddened”

The queen spoke the other day through a meager communiqué, in which she said she was saddened by the incident and worried about the accusation of racism: but at the same time she pointed out that “Memories may differ”, as if to say that the version of Harry and Meghan should not be taken at face value. Elizabeth’s hope is that the crisis can be contained and that time will help heal the wounds. Meanwhile, the royals will lead by example by diving into a dense network of public engagements, to demonstrate their dedication to their subjects. “Keep calm and carry on”, stay calm and move on, is the order of the stable. At least until the next sensational revelation.

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