Putin proposed to extend the Moscow-Kazan highway to Tyumen and Chelyabinsk

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during a conversation with Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnullin at the opening of the Central Ring Road section, suggested thinking about extending the Moscow-Kazan highway to Tyumen and Chelyabinsk.

“Since Marat Shakirzyanovich is the vice-premier of the government of the entire Russian Federation, is it weak for us to drag the road to Tyumen, then close the ring to Chelyabinsk?” – quoted by TASS Putin.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, your wish for us is the law, we will do everything,” the Deputy Prime Minister replied.

The President noted that the Moscow-Kazan highway is a very important project for the entire country. Khusnullin, in turn, confirmed that he had “no doubts” about the possibility of implementing this project.

Earlier, Khusnullin stated that during the construction of the M-12 Moscow-Kazan-Yekaterinburg highway, difficulties arise due to higher prices for building materials and a shortage of labor.

In 2019, the government included the Moscow-Kazan highway in a comprehensive plan for the development and modernization of infrastructure, but the discussion of the project dragged on. In particular, the Ministry of Finance offered to do with inexpensive reconstruction of existing roads. At the end of April 2021, President Putin announced that the Moscow-Kazan high-speed highway would be extended to Yekaterinburg. Now the completion date for the construction of the highway is set for 2024. It is planned to allocate 260 billion rubles for the construction of the section from Kazan to Yekaterinburg. from the National Wealth Fund.

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