Rewind 2022 | Indeed, this is no time for war… What does the Ukraine-Russia war mean? | War is not isolated and the sufferings too!

Rewind 2022 |  Indeed, this is no time for war… What does the Ukraine-Russia war mean?  |  War is not isolated and the sufferings too!

“Children born in the middle of this war are welcomed by a society frozen in fear. There are tens of thousands of children here who do not know what peace is.”

Today marks the 310th day since Russia launched its war on Ukraine. Russia launched a war against Ukraine last February. The attack was launched in the name of a mere military operation. Information from the Kremlin said it was a special military operation. But the speed with which Russia advanced stunned the rest of the world. Zelensky, who sought help from NATO countries, especially the United States, continues to face war to this day. But its side effects are making us realize every day that this is truly no time for wars.

What is the cause of war? – Ukraine expressed its desire to join NATO. applied for it. But before it came up for consideration, Russia presented its condemnation. The United States has opposed and warned that Ukraine’s accession to NATO would threaten its country’s sovereignty and security. Warnings aside, there was also a massive military buildup along the Ukrainian border. Suddenly, in the early hours of February 24, Ukraine was attacked. Even today, Russia’s position is that Ukraine should not join NATO.

Ego and ego: However, Ukrainian President Zelensky, who demanded to ‘join us in NATO’, is enjoying all the help that member countries in the team receive without being in the team. To what extent this gave him a comfortable position, Ukrainian President Zelensky, who recently visited the United States and addressed the parliament, said, “Don’t think that the funding you give is just a donation. It is an investment. It is an investment in democracy, security. It is an honor for me to address this House. Ukraine is not caught in the middle of all the problems. Ukraine “Still active. Retaliating. President Biden will stand by us and we will never surrender to Russia.” (comfort) has given

Meanwhile, we must also look at the lateral devastation caused by the war. First is the rift within NATO. Zelensky has been challenging NATO and the United States to face war, like a movie comedy called “He who is above everything will take care of everything”.

But a direct war with Russia would pave the way for World War III. At the same time, allowing Russia to win Ukraine would be a demonstration of its military might to the world. Now the member states are reeling from lack of arms, with the prediction that if they provide only arms aid, it will not be directly involved in the war and will be a check to Russia as well.

In this environment, an environment has developed where he is unable to stop his ego from taking full responsibility. Now the US and NATO are beginning to realize the ramifications of all the aid given to hear the single word ‘Russia fails’. All this is well known to Russia and it is in the midst of challenges and peace processes.

One NATO… Two Disasters… – The world cannot forget the month of August 2021. The reason is that the NATO forces and the US military began to withdraw completely from Afghanistan. As an extension of that, the Taliban overthrew the ruling government and took over Afghanistan. As a result, hunger, starvation, violation of human rights, ban on women’s education, deprivation of women’s basic freedom are happening innumerable disasters. US and NATO forces entered Afghanistan with the promise of helping establish a stable government and eradicating the Taliban. But hungry stomachs bear witness to what Afghanistan is today.

US and NATO are automatically present in Afghanistan. The country is pleading for its direct presence in Ukraine. Because of that desire, millions of people have taken refuge in neighboring countries. Ukraine, which used to export wheat and sunflower seeds to the world, is looking forward to international aid for food. The West looks forward to rations of weapons, medicine, finance and food.

The United States and NATO countries, which have dragged the issue, can deal with other strategies outside of this problem without being exposed to the ridicule of Russia. You can reduce the quality without reducing the quantity of weapons. Still other aids can be reduced. This is not without potential components. In such an environment, 2021 will be like Afghanistan in 2022 and Ukraine will be.

Do you feel it still applies? – Exactly on the 14th day after the start of the war in Ukraine, President Zelensky’s wife wrote a long letter on Instagram titled I Testify.. In it, he lamented, “Children born in the middle of this war, first look at the roof of the basement. They breathe the cramped air of the basement. Those children are welcomed by a society frozen in fear. There are tens of thousands of children here who do not know what peace is.”

Because even today there is tension that he might repeat that testimony. Food shortages, hospitals and schools have been severely damaged. In the freezing cold, without electricity, lives are being lost without a sound. The World Health Organization has expressed concern that deaths from pneumonia and hypothermia will increase. 7.8 million Ukrainians have taken refuge as refugees in other parts of Europe. Child welfare activists say they are scared to even think about what the future holds for children.

Is war trauma personal? – Ukraine is not the only victim of this war. At least grain exports from Ukraine have been severely disrupted. Although the international community has taken steps to moderate these exports, the impact is moving at a hare’s pace and solutions at a tortoise’s pace. Some East African countries face even worse starvation deaths without Ukraine’s wheat. Countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya are badly affected. It is imperative that Ukraine, Russia, the United States, and NATO member states realize that grain exports from Ukraine are feeding 40 million people worldwide.

Ukraine’s grain exports are not the only ones affected. Many European countries are also facing serious problems due to the disruption of Russian oil exports. Russia ranks second in the world in oil and fuel exports. And it was the European countries that benefited greatly from this export. Ukraine was liberally importing cooking oil and fuel from Russia. They are now severely affected. Russia has been sending repeated warnings to European countries that it will cut off pipeline fuel at any time.

War trauma is personal (isolated) This war must be ended immediately, not only for the people of Ukraine and Russia, but also for the people of the entire world. Because the time of wars is over. The countries of the world, which are separated only by border lines, are now within the same borders due to trade, industry, education and human relations. Here every reaction has a wider overall reaction. The Corona Pandemic is proving that all borders are just illusions. India’s message to Russia that this is not the time for war is universally applicable. Yes, indeed this is no time for war, no time for revenge. May the New Year bring an end to war.

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