Skin expert Lies Vervaele shares ultimate advice against skin aging

‘To measure is to know’, is the motto of Lies Vervaele, skin therapist at Beauty Barwhen it comes to skin care. By examining exactly what skin type you have, you can tackle complaints such as skin aging in a very targeted manner. Of Beautiful world the skin expert shares her best advice.

Skin care & skin type

Dry, oily, sensitive, mixed… we often hear about the different types of skin types. How important is it actually to adapt your skin care to your ‘type’? “The skin is a living organ, our largest organ, very complex but oh so fascinating! You can have a certain skin type, but it is subject to changes, the condition of your skin during a warm summer holiday can be different from the skin on winter sports… “, says skin expert Lies Vervaele of Beauty Bar U.S. She prefers to give as specific advice as possible, together with her team SkinExperts.

Personalized approach

At Bar à Beauté, Lies’ beauty clinic in Knokke-Heist (Belgium), a personal approach for each customer is therefore paramount. “We like to draw up personal advice together with the customer that is in line with the wishes, expectations, lifestyle and request for help of the customer. Bar à Beauté offers a very nice range of different treatment methods so that we can answer almost every question in a very targeted way,” says the skin expert enthusiastically. “We choose the best option and always aim for the best results.” In doing so, Lies and her team get help from their favorite skin care brand: ZO Skin Health.

‘Pure class’

In her search for an exclusive brand for her beauty clinic, Lies came across ZO Skin Health. “The products have a very stylish look, pure class…But it’s the content that counts!” says the skin expert. “For us, a product has to do what it promises. After testing these fantastic products ourselves, we saw that it really means something beautiful for our skin. I experienced something that I have never experienced before with any other brand: it feels wonderful, smells pleasant, gives results and is also super user-friendly.” Bar à Beauté is now a proud seller of ZO Skin Health and Lies can make a ‘COME ON GLOW‘ Recognize: “The literal radiance of healthy, fresh, beautifully vascularized, smooth, even and radiant skin! You pick out the ZO Skin Health skins in no time.”

Measuring is knowing

But how do you recognize different skin types? How do you know what skin type you have?
“Measuring is knowing! To give good advice, we have to make a good analysis. We use measuring equipment that allows us to look into the deeper layers of the skin,” explains Lies. “We look at various aspects such as sebum production, blood flow, pigmentation and hydration in order to arrive at appropriate advice. It is also important to listen to what the customer wants, because this can be completely different from what we see. We discuss all aspects together with the customer. What strikes us is that customers are so interested in our expert explanations that we take pleasure in explaining everything down to the last detail. If you know why a product is good for your skin, it will be even more fun to use it, right?”

Skin expert Lies Vervaele

Your skin keeps changing

ZO Skin Health also plays a big part in tailoring skincare to one’s skin type, Lies assures us. “We like to follow up on the customer so that we can always adapt and advise the right products according to the needs of the skin at that moment. Is there a hormonal change, extra stress factor, change in diet… all this can have an impact on the skin. Here we are so happy to give advice on how to use corrective products and to give the right advice that will resolve the complaint.”

Obviously, your skin type is not set in stone. Your skin type can also change over the years, explains the skin expert.
“The skin renews more slowly, and as a result becomes finer, drier and more sensitive to external stress factors. The skin becomes lazy, as it were! It’s never too late to start ZO Skin Health. It is important to put the skin back to work so that it naturally produces the skin’s own collagen and elastin. And so that the skin naturally retains its moisture, in order to work on a stronger skin barrier.”

Ultimate Advice

The ultimate advice against skin aging? According to Lies, this is mainly prevention. “Working preventively ensures that the skin remains better protected against stress factors, limiting the loss of collagen and elastin. This is only possible with high-quality materials and a well-established protocol that you apply consistently to keep the skin healthy.”

Although your skin therapist is happy to lend you a hand, you really have to get started yourself for radiant skin. “We are happy to give you good products and advice at Bar à Beauté, but the most important thing is that you apply them consistently. Maintaining healthy skin takes time and a little effort: clean, nourish and protect your skin every day with the right active ingredients, and in the right dosage! An occasional visit to our beauty clinic for treatments is fantastic here. Nevertheless, we are convinced that in the first place we should continue to treat our skin at home every day, so that you even improve the results of the treatments in the clinic.”

“I compare it to medication that you get from the doctor, you will also keep the right dose. You won’t suddenly take half a pill if the doctor advised a full pill, right?”

SO Top 3

As far as we’re concerned, you can’t speak to a skin expert without asking about her own skincare favourite. We asked Lies what should definitely not be missing in her skincare routine. “That’s a tough one, can I make it my top 3?”

“My number 1 is ZO Skin Health’s Wrinkle + Texture Repair. This is a high-quality retinol product that really gives you younger, firmer and more radiant skin. Retinol is in my opinion (and so many others concerned with healthy skin) the best ingredient that works on skin aging. Dermatologist Dr. Obagi, the founder of ZO Skin Health, is the pioneer in retinol. Thanks to a unique technology, retinol gets exactly into the skin layer where it will rejuvenate the skin. Another special addition to Obagi’s retinol products is the addition of a cocktail of antioxidants and vitamins that makes the retinol better tolerated by the skin and thus also better protected against stress factors.”

“My second favorite is the Dual Action Scrub from ZO Skin Health, the healthy scrub for the skin, which is very strong in sebum control. And admit it, who doesn’t like to exfoliate? Afterwards, your skin shines like a mirror and acts like a sponge: when you lubricate your creams, they absorb very well. A wonderful feeling!”

“The Brightalive Skin Brightener is my number 3, it is so fine in texture, contains calming actives and gives wonderful results in smoothing the skin. This cream whitens the disturbing pigment spots, and you can use it all year round!” Noted!


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