‘Squid’ game delivered; Kim sentenced to death; Life for students, teachers sent to mine

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Man sentenced to death in North Korea for bringing copy of squid game into the country. Seven students have been convicted of watching the superhit TV series Squid Game Series illegally. In it, the punishment for a student is life imprisonment. Others were sentenced to five years in prison. School teachers and administrators have been fired for allegedly causing the incident. They were sent to work in the mines as part of their punishment.

A man who brought and distributed versions of a squid game from China has reportedly been shot dead and executed. Distributed to others by a student who purchased the series from the main defendant. The students were handcuffed after receiving a tip-off about this.

North Korea’s border has been closed due to the spread of the corona virus. Authorities are also investigating how the Squid game series was brought to the country from abroad. For this, the accused were subjected to brutal interrogation

The government views the distribution and distribution of the Squid game series in the country as a serious matter. As part of this, USB There are also extensive raids on markets to find drives and CDs. “People are scared,” he said.

Even possession of films from foreign countries such as the US and South Korea is a major crime in North Korea. The death penalty is guaranteed if caught for such crimes. Authorities have arrested students, including students, under the law.

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