Tambaram DMK MLA S.R.Raja’s Private Company Intimidation: Footage Goes Viral | Tambaram DMK MLA SRRaja Intimidated Private Company: Footage Goes Viral

Scenes of DMK’s Tambaram MLA S.R. Raja insulting the executives of the company and threatening to break their arms and legs have been released on social media.

Pooja Goyal owns 1.77 acres of land at Melrosehapuram near Chiramalai Nagar, Chengalpattu District. Daejung Moparts pvt ltd, a private company, has leased that place for 10 years from 2018 to 2028.

Meanwhile, Pooja Goyal has asked the concerned private company to leave. But the companies have categorically said that they cannot leave as the lease period is not over. In this regard, a complaint has been lodged at the Karamalai Nagar Police Station in August 2022 and a case has also been registered.

Meanwhile, the owner of the land, Pooja Goyal, reportedly approached the Tambaram Legislative Assembly member and asked him to evict the private company from their place.

After this, MLA S.R. Raja who came to the company has held talks with the officials of the company in this regard. Both of them had a heated argument.

Its CCTV footage is currently being shared on websites and is going viral. Similarly, 6 months ago, former MLA Murthy also threatened.

Company Managing Director Krishnamurthy said: We are manufacturing and distributing car spare parts to Hyundai.

This company has been operating for 20 years. The previous managing director of this company, RK Sharma, went into hiding without giving any information after corrupting Rs. 230 crores in this company.

In this regard, we have examined the company’s account cases and filed a complaint at the police station. A case has also been registered. Also, Sharma sold this place to a person based in northern state in 2008 at a low price.

In this case, Tambaram MLA S.R.Raja came to our office yesterday morning and threatened to kill us by asking us to vacate this place. The government should intervene in this and take appropriate action,” he said

Tambaram MLA S.R. Raja said that the company which is operating in Thiramalai Nagar is owned by my friend. The management of the company is preventing him from entering the place. I went there to ask what the problem was.

They behaved inappropriately towards me without even looking at me as an MLA. This led to an argument. In this regard, I am going to meet the journalists in front of the same company with relevant documents this morning. He said this.


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