The candy math riddle that “most people get wrong”

The candy math riddle that “most people get wrong”

During the last few hours, went viral on social media a math riddle which was shared in a video. There, the owner of the account presented the situation in which a mother has to distribute 15 candies among her three daughters. The problem appears with the question, with which many find no relationship. After presenting the scenario, The problem to solve is: what time is it?

The riddle was presented by @primeromatematicas, an Instagram account that is dedicated to presenting different concepts, problems, and resolutions. In this case, she read the aforementioned statement while the recording shows it on the blackboard.

“A mother distributed 15 candies among her three daughters. What time is it?”reads the slogan and below displays the following options: 3.15 pm, 2.45 pm, 2.55 pm o 3.15 am. In addition to clarifying that “most are wrong” in the challenge, the user urged his followers to leave the answers in the comments.

Since the post was shared, dozens of users commented with their answers and reasoning. The answers that the majority chose are B or C, which maintain that everything happened minutes before the clock strikes 3 in the afternoon.

The two most repeated answers in the comments of the math riddleCapture

The justifications for both answers follow a similar path. Those who chose option B justify that it is “15 (minutes) for the three”. That way, the statement repeats the number of candies to be divided and how many people there are that they will eat them In that same line, Answer C is justified by the fact that it is “5 for three”response specifying how many candies correspond to each daughter.

Although the creator of the challenge did not reveal what the correct answer is, many intuited that it is Bsince in the video he placed a question mark next to that time.



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