The explosive and necessary investigation into Donald Trump

The FBI’s search and seizure of documents from Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, is not only spectacular and serious, but also unprecedented: no former President of the United States had done the subject of such a measure. But Trump’s ability to survive and thrive politically in such circumstances is also unprecedented. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence, his aura remains almost intact in the eyes of his supporters, while the United States comes out of it diminished. To date, he has not had to account for acts committed during his term of office.

The search on Monday August 8 would be linked to the ongoing investigation into White House documents that he allegedly illegally took and possibly destroyed. Accurately archiving a leader’s actions is part of democratic transparency. But this survey will also be decisive for the future. First, because compliance with standards distinguishes honest and transparent regimes from those that are dishonest and opaque. Then, because of its electoral repercussions.

extreme negligence

It has long been known that Trump handles his documents with, at best, extreme negligence. A

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The Guardian (London)

Independence and quality characterize this title born in 1821, which counts among its ranks some of the most respected columnists in the country. The Guardian is the reference newspaper for the intelligentsia, teachers and trade unionists. Oriented to the center left, he is very critical of the Conservative government.
Unlike other British reference dailies, the newspaper has chosen a site with free access, which it shares with its Sunday edition, The Observer. The two press titles switched to tabloid format in 2018. This decision was part of a logic of cost reduction, while The Guardian had been losing money continuously for twenty years. A successful strategy: in May 2019, the editorial director, Katharine Viner, announced that the newspaper was profitable, a first since 1998.

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