The kick-off was given through a flag-raising ceremony in (…)

The kick-off was given through a flag-raising ceremony in (…)

2023-06-03 07:56:54

The kick-off of the celebration of the 63rd anniversary of the return of independence of Madagascar and the creation of the Malagasy Army was officially given on Friday, June 2 on the forecourt of the Town Hall in Analakely. It was given by the President of the Republic Andry Rajoelina, accompanied by his wife Mialy Rajoelina and local authorities, with the heads of institutions as well as members of the government.

This ceremony was marked by the raising of the flag in the presence of all the authorities present and which was led by the Minister of National Defense, General of the Army Corps Rakotoarijaona Josoa and the Secretary of State for the Gendarmerie, General of Serge Gellé Army Corps.

« Raising the national flag reinforces patriotism and national pride and marks a great value that unites Malagasy people, which is freedom, and above all, it reminds us of the motto of our Republic: “Fitiavana – Tanindrazana – Fandrosoana” (Love – Fatherland and Progress) », declared President Andry Rajoelina during a short speech.

He also took this opportunity to appeal to all Malagasy citizens to hoist the national flag in all homes, schools and administrative offices as a sign of respect and gratitude to all those who fought for independence. But obviously, most citizens attach little importance to it, preferring to take care of their daily difficulties.

The flag-raising ceremony was followed by an exhibition “Ny Foloalindahy sy ny Firenena” (The Armed Forces and the Nation) organized as part of the celebration of June 26, which also started Friday in the hall of the Town Hall of the Urban Commune of Antananarivo. This exhibition traces in particular the main lines of the history of the Nation and the Malagasy Army, and will be open to the general public until June 24, 2023.

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